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VIP Flight Attendant

Good afternoon, my name is Oksana. I am a Chief Flight Attendant at Aeroflot Russian Airlines. As a professional cabin crewmember I work perfectly both in a team and completely independent. In January 2021, I decided to improve my skills at the Jet Service Training Center. While I was studying a refresher course “VIP Flight Attendant”, I was one more time convinced that my chosen professional direction is correct. All my documents are valid and actual: ID-card (crewmember certificate), passport, Schengen visa, USA B1/B2 & C1/D visas, Medical certificate II class, and Cabin crew license. Civil Aviation background allowed me to acquire skills in First aid, communication and conflict resolution. Also fluent in English and Russian languages, fond of art and culture. I’m ready to work as a freelancer or via full-term contract. I am looking forward to your feedback thank you for your attention. With best regards, Oksana Korobkova
Координаты для связи: korobkovaov@inbox.ru
2021-02-09 02:53:47

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